Information & Security Systems

Information Systems

We provide assistance in the area of Information Systems to find the most efficient way of managing your data. In addition, we provide analysis of your system to ensure encapsulation of the information.

Security Systems

Let us make an analysis of your environment and set up structures of CCTV cameras for your security.


Mining Rental Contracts

Our team provides mining rental contracts that will offer you the possibility of having BTC and LTC machines mining for you at our warehouse for a time gap of your choice. These rentals provide daily maintenance on the rigs to make sure they are working properly without any possible interruption.

Antminer Sales

We are fortunate enough to have a very nice network and relationship with miner factories that can provide us with BTC and LTC miners that we can order at any time without any issues and provide them to you safely without any damage and for a very decent cost.

Portfolio Management

Let us use advantage of our knowledge in order to advise you on having a diverse and well balanced crypto-portfolio in order for you to generate the profit that you aim to have based on a risk level of your choice.

Mining Rigs / Farms Set Up

Having the right set-up for any kind of cryptocurrency mining is crucial. When it comes to many factors that can negatively affect the overall result of your farm; this is why we provide mining rig/farms set-up services that will help you have the proper adaptation for a space of your choice where you are willing to have your antminers.


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